Transd development git repository:

Current tasks:


Release the beta-version of the language: Transd 0.5
Estimated time of completion: First quarter of 2022.

Processing of semi-structured data

Expand the built-in language support for semi-structured data processing. TSDBase type will resemble a NoSQL database: data objects (JSON-like) with all different or partly coinciding fields will be loaded into a database and data queries on them will be possible.
Estimated time of completion: January, 2022.


Improving the documentation of the language.
Estimated time of completion: ongoing task.

Things planned:

Unlimited precision numbers

Currently, the biggest integer types in Transd type system are 64-bit Long and ULong. The addition of support of unlimited precision numbers is planned. In maximum case - this type will be included in the language core, where it will be available in the Transd embeddable C++ library. In minimum case - big numbers will be added to the TREE3 interpreter, where they will be available when Transd is used via stand-alone interpreter executable.

Estimated completion time: 2022 year.