Transd development git repository:

Current tasks:


Release the beta-version of the language: Transd 0.5
Estimated time of completion: Summer of 2021.


Improving the documentation of the language.
Estimated time of completion: ongoing task.

Things planned:

Expand built-in data query capabilities

Currently Transd has preliminary built-in support of structured data queries. An example can be seen in the '' test file of the compiler test suit. An example of a query:

(with rows (tsd-query base select: ["Department"]
            as: [[String()]] :distinct sortby: "Department") ...

Where 'rows' is a variable storing the query result (vector of tuples); 'tsd-query' is a built-in function performing the query; 'base' - the name of TSDBase object on which the query is performed; the rest is the content of the query. What is planned is to expand considerably this part of the language with various enhancements, such as, e.g. serializing structured data to and from persistent storage (currently all DB-like structure - records, indexes, etc. - is created at run-time.)

Estimated start time: after the release of beta-version of Transd.