Code examples

Chess Engine

Chess engine translated from Python. The code demonstrates implementation of some algorihmic advanced technics as well as Transd's abilities for writing concise code.

Programmable Audio Player

Audio player allowing greater and more fine grained control over how audio files are played. The code demonstrates the usage of comprehensive configuration files in text format to define program's behaviour.

Short programs

Several short programs on Transd from '' which highlight the features of the language. All Transd programs are runnable in TREE3 interpreter. In case some program doesn't run properly with the latest version of the language, please report the issue here.

Functional programming

Function composition - capturing closures, composition.

Numeric processing

Arbitrary precision integers - large numbers.

Mersenne primes - testing numbers for primality.

Home primes - factorization to primes.

AKS test for primes - polynomials.

Structured data processing

Top rank per group - queries on data.

Strings processing

Word wheel - iterative data processing.

Anagrams - pipeline data processing.

Word frequency - another pipeline data processing.

99 bottles - Object-oriented programming.

Abbreviations, automatic - one-pass data processing.


Knuth shuffle - permutations.

Pancake sort - sorting.

Department numbers - combinatorial programming.

Sum digits of an integer - operations on sequences.

Align columns - formatted output.