TREE3: the command line interpreter for Transd


The command line front-end for the language can be used for interactive evaluation of Transd expressions and for running Transd program files. For more information visit the project website:

Test suite: compiler tests.


Tests for virtual compiler for checking the correctness of language implementation. The test files are also a good source of examples of using various language features.

graph: image rendering program.


A little graphics rendering program, which can be used for evaluating the performance of Transd.

Demo_tiny: an example C++ program


A minimalistic C++ program demonstrating the basics of interacting of C++ and Transd.

Demo_graph: a more advanced example


A project demonstrating many key features of Transd.

transd.vim: a Vim syntax highlighting file for Transd


An example of highlighted Transd source code can be seen here. The same file without syntax highlighting can be seen here.