About Transd

What is Transd

Transd is a language with a very compact implementation intended to be used in programs as an internal or external module, providing the program with a run-time programming language. Using this run-time language, a program can solve various tasks of adapting its functionality to the user needs and to the particular running conditions. Transd is compact, fast, cross-platform, and has many modern features.


Transd can be used in one of two ways. It can be shipped with a program as a separate binary file (Transd interpreter) that runs Transd programs and communicates with the program via piping. Or, in case if the program is written in C++, it can be compiled with the program as a source library.


Currently, the Transd interpreter is a sole file of 5 Mb size. The C++ source library consists of two files and contains in sum less than 20 000 lines of code.